He Was Targeted with Phony Craigslist Sex Advertisements In ‘Negative Campaign.’ Now He’s Taking Legal Action Against to Obtain His Life Back


By many procedures, Dalas Gundersen was an effective and excellent figure in this Northern California farming town. Over 15 years, he grew his monetary preparation business with Edward D. Jones & Co. to customer accounts worth $150 million. The two times acted as president of the Willows Rotary Club. His kid was an Eagle Scout.

Gundersen benefited the town, some locals say, and the town benefited him– till cyber bullying almost destroyed everything.

Today, the 52-year-old married dad of grown kids has secured a bitter legal fight with Edward Jones and 2 previous co-workers in a case that has stunned and divided homeowners in Willows, a neighborhood of 6,000 about 85 miles northwest of Sacramento. At its core is an essential question with significant ramifications: How susceptible is any among us to digital attack and its reputation-wrecking abilities?

According to a claim submitted in Glenn County Superior Court, the business owner ended up being the unwitting victim in 2015 of a supposed plan by his previous Edward Jones coworkers to plant counterfeit gay-sex advertisements on Craigslist to “pester, frighten and disparage” him and own him from the county.

The trick “negative campaign” started in September 2015, 9 months after Gundersen was fired by Edward Jones for breaking a company policy, the claim states. Gundersen left his little workplace on West Sycamore Street and established a contending monetary preparation company a half-mile away.

The suit explains how Gundersen quickly ended up being the target of web impersonation when several personals advertisements appeared on Craigslist, noting his contact number and physical description, looking for sexual encounters with guys.

One chatty publishing specified a choice for guys “more youthful in age and heart.” Another used remarkably graphic language in explaining preferred sex acts.

” The only thing I have is my credibility– my entire business is asserted on the idea that people can trust me,” stated Gundersen, who also heads the town’s Speakeasy Toastmasters Club. “To have this expert pall cast over me– it’s been a genuine battle.”.

Gundersen was checking out San Francisco with his other half of 19 years when the very first odd call can be found in. He quickly was bombarded by undesirable calls and texts– consisting of images of male genitalia.

” To construct his business, Gundersen needed to address every call he got and accept every ask for a meeting, not knowing if those calls and conferences would manifest into sexual attacks,” the claim states.

One caller was detained for a violent criminal offense not long after calling Gundersen, the claim declares. Some advertisements also appeared “timed” to create calls and pop-ups throughout the weekly Rotary meeting on Thursdays at twelve noon.

Came the unpleasant, sideways glimpses from a handful of townspeople. In a matter of months, he stated, he went from being an “extremely efficient person” to seem like a castaway in his own neighborhood.

” It’s been a battle,” he stated just recently, his eyes tearing, “a genuine battle.”.

In court documents, Edward Jones has intensely rejected any understanding of or participation in the impersonation plan, although among its long time workers– who since has been fired– confessed in a sworn statement to position 2 of the advertisements.

In Glenn County, a farming area of about 28,000 that straddles Interstate 5, the fallout has been harsh on both sides. The case has fired up a local paper publisher with a fondness for aggressive, bare-knuckle reporting. The promotion triggered one defense lawyer to ask that the trial is relocated to Sacramento. And, the claim has pitted a blue-chip San Francisco law office versus a young, home town lawyer, who set out 2 years ago to untangle the strange web of occasions that captured Gundersen.

” What makes this so stunning is, this is the brand-new criminal offense,” stated lawyer John Garner, 36, a Willows local who returned the home of practice law with his dad.

” You can be any person you wish to be online.”.

Garner competes that what occurred to Gundersen is symptomatic of a kind of “Wild Wild West” culture perpetuated by Edward Jones throughout Northern California. The company, located in Des Peres, Mo., has sprayed little branch workplaces throughout the rural counties but does not supply sufficient oversight and training, the lawyer stated.

One Edward Jones local leader presumably checked out Gundersen soon after his termination and directed him to “leave town,” according to court documents.

Garner thinks the suit might be amongst the very first of its kind in the country, exposing a brand-new wrinkle to cyber bullying that does not include vindictive teens or cruel ex-lovers.

” The harassment was not originating from college kids,” he stated. “These were experienced experts.”.

Garner, with a background in business law and litigation, coordinated with lawyer Erika Gaspar of Sacramento, a skilled work lawyer.

” The genuine question is, what would encourage someone to do this?” he asked.

Garner and Gaspar think they have discovered the response: competition and spite.

The suit names as offenders Edward D. Jones & Co., in addition to monetary advisors Lisa Rodriguez of Willows and Paul Betenbaugh of Orland, 17 miles to the north.

Betenbaugh, fired by the company in February 2016, confessed to positioning 2 of the advertisements to obtain even with Gundersen over a customer who had defected.

Rodriguez, who still operates at the Willows workplace, rejects playing any part, according to court documents submitted by Keesal, Young & Logan of San Francisco.

The Bay Area legal group representing Edward Jones and Rodriguez have defined many elements of the case as unwarranted and indicate Betenbaugh’s own admission.

A company spokesperson decreased to speak about the case while it is being prosecuted. “As quickly as we ended up being mindful of it, we ended the monetary consultant included,” stated John G. Boul, supervisor of worldwide media relations for the company.

To his understanding, he stated, absolutely nothing like this had ever occurred before. The company ranked No. 5 on the 2017 list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune publication.

According to more than 600 pages of legal filings, and interviews with Gundersen, local homeowners, and others, here is what supposedly occurred.

The ‘Teasing’ Starts

The empty shops in downtown Willows stand apart like missing out on teeth in a smile, noticeable indications of financial decay in a neighborhood where some locals opt to shop in the college town of Chico.

The Edward Jones workplace inhabits a little building sandwiched in between a title company and a church on West Sycamore Street. In December 2014, Gundersen was ousted for apparently breaking company policy by cannot validate trades with customers who had offered guidelines to his non-registered branch workplace administrator, according to FINRA files.

He relied on Garner to represent him in a work action versus Edward Jones.

Garner had joined his daddy’s recognized practice in Willows in 2010, with the 2 sharing a large workplace a block from the Glenn County Courthouse.

Gundersen’s wrongful termination and libel case went to arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, an independent, non-government regulator which manages the securities market. In June of this year, FINRA ruled in favor of Edward Jones.

Already, Gundersen had been changed at the Edward Jones workplace in Willows by Rodriguez, 47, who transferred from the company’s workplace in Corning, 30 miles to the north in Tehama County.

Rodriguez and Betenbaugh were buddies, court records reveal.

Betenbaugh, an Edward Jones monetary consultant since 2006, had hired Rodriguez 6 years previously and considered himself her coach, according to his sworn statement dated March 1, 2016.

” Over time, Lisa ended up being like a sibling to me,” Betenbaugh, now 59, stated in his declaration.

As is popular, and needed by Edward Jones policy, Gundersen was required to relinquish his accounts and customer list to Rodriquez. His so-called “book of business,” which the claim valued at about $150 million, now come from Edward Jones and the company’s brand-new face in the area.

Per his previous work contract, Gundersen was not permitted to connect to his old customers; they would need to find him. Which, states the suit, was the entire objective of the attack– to obtain Gundersen to cancel his number, severing the last connection to his old customer base.

” The only thing he got to keep when he left was his old telephone number,” his lawyer stated.

According to the suit, Rodriguez and Betenbaugh started “ridiculing” Gundersen around March 2015 by putting a paper advertisement that “profited from the truth Gundersen was restricted by his pre-employment non-compete arrangement with Edward Jones to call his previous customers.”

The advertisement’s heading read: “Is Your Broker Giving You the Cold Shoulder?”

In a village, however, a word about Gundersen’s move ultimately navigated.

And commitments were evaluated.

Expense Weinrich, 63, a third-generation Willows business owner who runs the local hardware store, stated he eventually severed ties with Edward Jones.

” I simply chose to end,” he stated. “I like Dalas. He’s not aggressive. I trust him.”

Another longtime homeowner, Remo William “Bill” Ricci, 69, also resented the situations.

” All of an abrupt one day, Dalas was gone,” stated Ricci, a retired mechanic. “This was a shock.”

Ricci stated he and his other half, who has since passed away, initially consulted with Lisa Rodriguez about their account but beware that the costs were expensive. He stated he chose to compose a problem letter about Rodriguez to Edward Jones and returned to inform her face to face, just to find her mad and “disrespectful” and bad-mouthing Gundersen, he stated.

Ricci submitted the grievance– an occasion that both sides acknowledge appeared to set the entire impersonation plan into motion.

According to the suit, Rodriguez and Betenbaugh thought that Gundersen had composed the grievance letter himself– an accusation both he and Ricci reject.

” I composed the letter because I was distressed with Edward Jones,” stated Ricci, keeping in mind that he did ask Gundersen to examine it.

Rodriguez also was distressed, according to court documents. Betenbaugh mentioned in his 2016 statement that “Lisa (Rodriguez) pertained to me mad because a customer of Dalas’ sent a grievance letter to Edward Jones about Lisa.”

” I ended up being similarly upset because this unfavourable post might seriously harm her work and customer relations,” he stated.

Betenbaugh decided.

” Because of my anger at what took place to Lisa, and without Lisa’s understanding, I did something about it which was not respectable and figured out to place a post on Chico Craigslist which would irritate Mr. Gundersen.”

The cyber-warfare had started.

Lawyer turns cyber-sleuth

In the fall of 2015, as the overwhelming calls and texts coming in, Gundersen connected to his lawyer.

Garner remembered how psychological and troubled Gundersen had to do with the unusual attack, that included images of penises suddenly appearing on his business cellular phone.

” I could not think it initially,” Garner stated.

” This is not the sort of case I generally do, and there was a lot of legal representatives who stated to me, ‘Don’t touch it.’ “

Garner stated he realized that cyber bullying cases frequently are met indifference from police, which permeating Craigslist and other lorries used by impersonators can be intimidating.

Garner stated he also questioned if there may be some connection to the FINRA case he was dealing with and felt he had a “responsibility” to Gundersen to find out.

Quickly Garner was “on the hunt,” he stated.

He got in touch with Verizon and Comcast and Craigslist, attempting to peel back the identity of the person or individuals who had positioned the phony advertisements.

His months-long examination, which included subpoenas and court orders to get to cable television and phone records, resulted in an e-mail address: dg_69@mail.com. The path ultimately resulted in a cellular phone owned by Betenbaugh.

Along the way, Garner searched numerous contact number and found that the wrongdoer had been using a router owned by an Orland building property owner, a little family-owned business situated near the Edward Jones workplace.

Tim Crews, editor and publisher of the twice-weekly Sacramento Valley Mirror, stated citizens were especially distressed by this “level of sneakiness.”

” When people discovered that they were using the mom-and-pop’s wi-fi to try and camouflage their tracks– male, that’s like, ‘You leave grandmother and grandfather alone,'” he stated.

” I’m not na├»ve about residing in a little county of 27,000 people. Things happen,” Crews stated. “But I was dissatisfied in this. I still am.”

Garner stated the attacks were reported to the Glenn County district lawyer, but he stated he eventually chose to advance with his own examination and develop a civil case.

Getting the police to examine cyber bullying is a typical challenge, specifically in locations doing not have resources and qualified proficiency, stated Sameer Hinduja, a professional in cyber bullying at Florida Atlantic University.

” It’s not that police does not care,” stated Hinduja, keeping in mind that little departments frequently are besieged by other criminal offenses.

Garner stated he thinks the state’s chastening code addresses what took place to Gundersen. In California, for example, web or electronic impersonation with the function of “hurting, frightening, threatening, or defrauding” another person is punishable by as much as a $1,000 fine and one year in the county prison, or both.

Defense Presses Back

2 years into the claim, the documents are flying at the Glenn County Courthouse. In filings, Edward Jones has waited for the stability of the company and Rodriguez.

San Francisco lawyers Julie Taylor and Ian Ross compete in court documents that Betenbaugh’s conduct is “plainly the focus of this disagreement,” which calling Edward Jones and Rodriguez as accused isn’t really supported by the proof. They argue that Edward Jones and Rodriguez were dragged into the claim to “deepen the defense’s ‘pockets.’ “

The company acknowledged that Rodriguez and Betenbaugh had put the “cold shoulder” advertisement– with company approval, court records reveal.

The lawyers reject, nevertheless, that the company cannot monitor its monetary coordinators, or permit them to run without assistance or policies.

The case is lumbering forward. In May, a Glenn County judge rejected the defense demand to have the case transferred to Sacramento. In her statement, Rodriguez specified that she has lost customers because of the unfavorable promotion. Betenbaugh has a brand-new monetary encouraging practice in Orland.

Gundersen stated he is still attempting to patch together his business but approximates he’s dealing with just about 20 percent of the properties he formerly handled. He confesses that he was lured to leave Glenn County, but he and his partner have stayed.

On one current Thursday, he reached operate in his blue-and-gold Rotary gown t-shirt, in preparation for the routine meeting. Rodriguez, also a Rotarian, has continued to participate in the exact same conferences.

” It’s such an unusual roadway from where I was,” he stated.